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Dysautonomia International Tweet-A-Thon

History of the Tweet-A-Thon
Dysautonomia International hosts a Dysautonomia Awareness Tweet-A-Thon each October, as part of our Global Dysautonomia Awareness Month campaign. With the help of many volunteers, we use Twitter to send educational and awareness Tweets to celebrities, media, and other popular Twitter users.

During the first Dysautonomia Awareness Tweet-A-Thon in October 2012, we estimate, conservatively, that we reached about 300,000 people on Twitter in one day. Our messages were re-Tweeted by popular music and media personalities, medical societies and more. We saw a spike in the number of visitors to our website, a bump in our followers on Facebook and Twitter and we were contacted by many new patients and even a few doctors interested in obtaining more information about dysautonomia. That is the exact kind of awareness we sought to achieve with the Tweet-A-Thon!

Our 2012 Dysautonomia Awareness Tweet-A-Thon partners included the following organizations:
Center for Hypotension
Dysautonomia Divas
SDS/MSA Support Group
The Dysautonomia Connection
Texas Association for Dysautonomia Awareness
Dysautonomia Support Group of Illinois
Dysautonomia Network of Austin/San Antonio/South Texas
Nebraska Dysautonomia Support Group
California Potsies
Hill Country P.O.T.S. Teens Support Group
Tuscon POTS Group
Tachycardie Posturale Orthostatique
CAPPS: Chicago Area POTS Patients and Spouses

The 2013 Dysautonomia Tweet-A-Thon was an even bigger sucess - so big we couldn't keep track of many people received Dysautonomia Awareness tweets that day. We very much look forward to bigger and better Dysaytonomia Awarness Tweet-A-Thons each year. The 2014 Dysautonomia Tweet-A-Thon is scheduled for October 23, 2014.

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 Dysautonomia International Tweet-A-Thon

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