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Cupcakes for a Cure

A great way to raise awareness and raise funds for research is a "Cupcakes for a Cure" bake sale. This could be a fun way to get your family, friends and co-workers involved too.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

1. Identify a busy location where you can set up a table and a few chairs for a bake sale.

2. Ask permission to hold your bake sale at that location. Make sure they know the money you raise is going to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. If you need documentation that we are a registered non-profit, we can provide that for you.

3. Let Dysautonomia International know about your event by adding it to our Global Dysautonomia Map.

4. Recruit your friends and family to help you bake cupcakes. Be sure to decorate some of the cupcakes with turquoise Dysautonomia Awareness ribbons! Include other baked goods as well - not everyone loves cupcakes.

5. Have some of your friends and family available to help you on the day of the bake sale to sell the cupcakes, keep track of the money and promote your event.

6. Start promoting your bake sale a week before the date. Make flyers, send out e-mails and Facebook messages and ask your friends spread the word!

7. Make signs to put on your table so people know what you're raising money for. A few balloons might attract some attention as well; turquoise balloons for Dysautonomia Awareness would be perfect! Decide how much you want to charge for each item, or alternatively, let your customers select an item for a donation of their choice - you'll be surprised how generous folks can be!

8. You can find educational handouts on Dysautonomia International's website to give out to those interested in learning more about Dysautonomia.

9. Have fun at your bake sale! Take photos and send them to Dysautonomia International so we can post it on our Facebook page. Send to Natacha Pires, npires@dysautonomiainternational.org.

10. After the event, mail the money you raised to Dysautonomia International. Please don't send cash through the mail though, a check payable to Dysautonomia International is safer. Print and complete a donation form to mail with your check to:

Ellen Kessler, Treasurer
Dysautonomia International
6151 Executive Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20852
 Cupcakes for a Cure

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