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ResearchMatch POTS Registry

 ResearchMatch POTS Registry
Dysautonomia International is thrilled to announce that we have launched a POTS Research Registry with ResearchMatch, a research database funded by the National Institutes of Health that helps patients and healthy volunteers connect with researchers studying various medical conditions. We encourage all individuals in the US diagnosed with POTS to sign up for this registry. ResearchMatch is funded by the US government, and as such, the database is only open to US residents.

Research Match worked with members of the the Dysautonomia International Medical Advisory Board, Patient Advisory Board and Board of Directors, to create the first large scale research registry that collects data on POTS patients about their condition. This is exactly what we need to spur additional research on POTS, to help understand more about what causes POTS, how to treat it more effectively, and hopefully someday how to cure it.

Dr. Satish R. Raj, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, preeminent POTS researcher at the Autonomic Dysfunction Center at Vanderbilt University, and member of the Dysautonomia International Medical Advisory Board notes, "[c]linical research is going to be the vehicle for advancing our understanding of POTS, and for the development of more effective therapies. ResearchMatch will allow for POTS researchers to more easily find those POTS patients interested in participating in research studies. I hope that ResearchMatch will catalyze our research."

Sign up today for the POTS Research Registry

, and be sure to indicate that you have POTS when you are asked about your medical conditions. Research Match will then prompt you with questions about POTS.

To view the full press release, visit our Press Room.

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