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For Physicians

This page is meant to serve as a resource for physicians and other medical professionals who may not necessarily be experts in autonomic disorders, who are caring for a patient with an autonomic disorder.

Patients with dysautonomia often require a multi-disciplinary team, as autonomic disorders can impact almost every system of the body. While each specialist will have his or her own areas of expertise, it is still important for each member of the patient's team to be familiar with the most up to date information on the patient's autonomic disorder.

Summary Articles
First you may want to review our summary articles on selected autonomic disorders. These articles are fully cited to peer review journal articles, many of which are available online for your review. On the left side of each summary page, we provide links to additional peer reviewed articles. We also offer other information on the summary pages that may help you help your patient, such as Lifestyle Adaptations, Exercise Therapy tips and more.

Patient Education Brochures
We can provide attractive and accurate patient education brochures for you to give to patients in your practice who have an autonomic disorder. Patients who have received these educational brochures from their doctor when they were first diagnosed have told us how comforting it was to know there was an organization working on their illness, and that there were other patients they could connect with. We can send up to 20 brochures to each physician's office free of charge. Please contact us at info@dysautonomiainternational.org and let us know your mailing address if you would like copies of any of our brochures.

Research Updates
You can review links to recent journal articles related to autonomic disorders on our Research Updates page. We will update this page on a regular basis.

Autonomic Expert Recommendations
If you are searching for an autonomic specialist to send your patient to for a consult or further testing, we are in the process of preparing an updated list of such specialists. There are other organizations who have published such lists, but we have found that many of the experts on those lists are no longer practicing, have moved, or aren't interested in seeing patients with autonomic disorders. We are writing to reputable autonomic experts and asking for their permission to list them on our website. If known, we will list which autonomic disorders they treat and which autonomic tests can be performed at their facility. For the time being, we have a few autonomic doctors listed on our Interactive Global Dysautonomia Awareness Map.

In addition to the map, physicians can e-mail us at info@dysautonomiainternational.org and we can usually recommend someone informally. Please be sure to include your city or state and the diagnosis your patient has or that you suspect he/she has, since there are certain experts who only specialize in one autonomic disorder. If there is a specific autonomic test you are trying to obtain for your patient, you can mention that too since not every facility has every type of autonomic testing equipment. Please refrain from sending us any personally identifiable information about your patient.

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